(To host a mixer you must be a Chamber Member in good standing, your location MUST BE IN SOLANO COUNTY and should accommodate at least 60 people.)
    Hosting a mixer with the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a great way to showcase your business to the community. Mixers promote your business, generate leads, nourish relationships, and gain visibility to the local businesses and community. Mixers are held the third Wednesday or Thursday of each month (unless we are hosting a joint mixer with another organization) from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Set up starts at 4:30pm.
    Mixer Host Sponsorship Benefits
    Marketing of the event by the Chamber through our social media, email, and website. Opportunity to showcase your business facility to guests. Time at the event for your company representative to talk about your business. Opportunity to invite your business associates, top customers, and employees to the event. Chance to distribute a special discount for event guests to drive customers back to your business.
    Mixer Host Responsibilities
    The mixer Host must be a Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce member in good standing. Provide a dedicated event space to accommodate 60 people. Provide a selection of food for guests to enjoy. It is strongly encouraged that a Chamber member be used for food service. Provide tables and chairs for guest check-in and raffle ticket sales, a bar area, and new members’ section. Seating or cocktail tables for guests are also recommended. Provide a raffle prize is optional but strongly recommended. Mixers may be co-hosted with another Chamber member to share responsibilities.
    Chamber Responsibilities
    Promote events through the chamber’s social media, email, and website. Provide volunteers to staff the check-in table, raffle ticket sales, and bar. Provide bar set up including beverages, ice, and other supplies. Obtain the required ABC license. If needed, provide a PA system for the event. Provide assistance with planning your event to make it memorable and successful for everyone!
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