• SHCC Scholarship Application



    The “Inspire Learning” Scholarship is available to Hispanic high school seniors, college students, and graduate students residing in or attending Solano County schools.

    Applicants must have a minimum current GPA of 3.0 



    Essay and Application must be received by SHCC by Friday, September 27th.

    Recipients will be notified by October 11th, 2019.

    Awards will be made at the annual Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala on October 19, 2019. Awardees and one guest will receive a ticket to the event. Additional tickets can be purchased on our website, www.solanohcc.com




    Graduate Student          $1,500 Scholarships

    College Student:           $1000 Scholarships        

    High School Senior:      $500 Scholarships           



        Scholarship essays must answer ONE of the following questions/topics in 500 words or less:

    College Students:

    A.) “Describe the solutions you would propose to improve or resolve current issues such as healthcare, education, discrimination or a current topic of your choice affecting the Hispanic community in Solano County. “ 

    B.) “Describe what being a “Hispanic community Leader in Solano County” means to you and what steps you have taken that demonstrates you are on your way to becoming one.”


    High School Students:

    A.) “If you had the authority to affect change for the Hispanic Community in Solano County what would it be and why?”

    B.) “Describe how you have demonstrated leadership ability this past year in your school, work, or community and how you plan to use these skills to be a positive role model for other Hispanic students.”